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About Mamba Products
Easy Riders,Inc. has been a long-standing distributor for Mamba products.
We accept orders not only from Japan but also from overseas countries and will ship them by EMS from Japan.
In recent years, there have been many similar and copied Mamba products in Asian countries.
But ours are Genuine Mamba product. The products are serial numbered to provide details such as the time of the production and
the route of sale etc we manage it. Also, all shipments will be shipped from Japan.
Please be aware of similar and copied items. If you would like to confirm the product you already have,
Please provide us with your serial number. We will confirm the investigation.
All products without a serial number are copied or fake one.

Ordering Method
Please submit your company information from the order form below.
We will contact you back soon.
Also, please feel free to contact us for any product questions.
If you are unsure of the type of vehicle you are handling,
please let me know the vehicle body number and we can respond smoothly.

*We do not sell to end users.
Only the dealer will do it Motorcycle shop, Store, wholesaler, trading company,

Thank You.
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6 Speed Touring Model

6 Speed Softail Model and Other

5 Speed Big Twin Model